One dead, others hurt in multi-vehicle crash near George WA in Grant County (GCSO)
One dead, others hurt in multi-vehicle crash near George WA in Grant County (GCSO)

According to the Grant County Sheriff's Office, a bus carrying farm workers was one of the multiple vehicles involved.

 One dead in crash east of George WA

The Grant County Sheriff's office investigators remain at the scene of a fatal crash Friday morning. Apparently it happened shortly after or around 7AM.

GCSO says it occurred at the junction of Adams Road South and South Frontage Road, which is about 5 miles east of George WA, and just south of Interstate 90.

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No specifics were released yet, but GCSO says multiple vehicles were involved, there were multiple injuries, and one of the vehicles was a school bus carrying farmworkers.

One confirmed fatality, but no other information is available. More is expected later today.

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