Can one person make a difference? I believe they can and I'm rooting for Ashley Christenson.

Why am I rooting for Ashley?

Is Trader Joe's Coming To The Tri-Cities?

She's going to single-handedly bring Trader Joe's to the Tri-Cities. She's on a mission to bring the popular grocery store to the Tri-Cities.

If you are not familiar with Trader Joe's, Trader Joe's is known for focusing more on unique grocery items than branded products.

Can We Get Trader Joe's In The Tri-Cities?

Its closest locations are in Spokane but fans of the retailer want a Trader Joe's in the Tri-Cities.

I first noticed Ashley in a posting she did in the Facebook group "You Know You're From The Tri-Cities".

How Are We Going To Get Trader Joe's To Come To The Tri-Cities?

She posted a make-shift photo of Trader Joe's over at the old abandoned Albertson's in Richland and posed this question:

Okay! I get it, sheesh. No Trader Joe's in Tri-cities, but I'm still wondering why there are so many vacant commercial buildings in Richland and what can be done with them? For example this building (Albertsons), and that Dupus Boomer building, and that gas station on the corner of Leslie and Gage. I want to put those Fixer Upper partitions up in front of them. You know (that Chip and Joanne use before the big reveal), but with a pretty picture instead, until they're fixed up.

Christenson goes on to say that she's going to post on every Tri-Cities Facebook page until it gets done.

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I applaud her commitment and I think with enough shares, Trader Joe's will have to take notice and do something about it!

Is It Possible For Trader Joe's To Come To The Tri-Cities?

In the past, Trader Joe's has dangled the Tri-Cities angle but now it's time to come. I think we should flood the internet and join Ashley's cause. As they say, it only takes one person to make a change!

Good Luck Ashley, we are all on your side!

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