We'd love to see this happen here.


According to information released by the Washington County OR Sheriff's Department, (WCSO) they're hoping to damper the spirits of porch pirates by busting them with tech.

With the onslaught of holiday online ordering and deliveries, the WCSO has equipped a number of various-sized packages with 'normal' items inside. But they also contain a special surprise, and it's not a toy like cereal boxes.

These special packages are being utilized around the area and contain digital GPS and other tracking devices.


According to the Sheriff's Department, former porch pirate victim volunteers as well as Detectives themselves leave these packages on their steps, porch, sidewalk or other areas, and wait.

Sometimes it takes some patience, but if a porch pirate takes one, the chase is on. The GPS allows them to be tracked, and because these kind of thefts are considered mail theft, it's an automatic felony.

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This program may not provide the 'joy of revenge' some people have had by leaving 'dummy' packages on their porch full of anything from diapers, to dog poo, to other disgusting contents.  In fact, in 2019, a Colorado Springs woman became famous for her 'nausea' decoy packages. She'd had a few stolen, so she left out some decoys and they disappeared.

She then took it to a whole new level, filling the boxes with the waste and garbage and including notes mocking the pirates.

But this program will hopefully deter at least some of the pirates from taking the chance of stealing.


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