"it will not be safe in much of the state for children to return to in-classroom instruction for months to come."   Oregon Governor Kate Brown's quote concerning "current" levels of COVID-19 in the state which she claims would be too high now to re open schools.

Tuesday, Gov. Brown extended what she calls Oregon's State of Emergency concerning COVID-19.  Basically, nothing will change south of the border for 60 days. No county advancements, no new reopenings.  It will largely be a water treading status quo, with little hope in sight.

Brown issued her dire warning about Labor Day Holiday, sounding very much like WA Gov. Jay Inslee--although Jay has been rather quiet, with no press conferences the last couple of weeks.

According to sources including the Oregon Statesman Journal, Brown also said this:

“We can work together to stay safe and put Oregon on the path to return more students to classrooms, or, we could see Labor Day celebrations unknowingly sow the seeds of COVID-19 outbreaks that could set us back for months."

Brown also claims until this is a vaccine, this disease can spread like wildfire if we let our guard down. She issued the same warnings as Inslee and WA Secretary of Health Wiesman concerning Labor Day:  don't have family gatherings, don't travel, wear mask, don't do anything etc. etc. She might as well have told everyone to go hide in their closet, much like her and Inslee did back during the lockdowns in March and April.

It's interesting to note how similar her approach to COVID is with Gov. Inslee.  Dire warnings, doom and gloom, then attempts to 'buoy' up the citizens with positive rhetoric which doesn't really resonate.

Brown also said: "Wear a face covering, watch your physical distance, and wash your hands,w e know this can work. We have seen it work in rural and urban communities that have experienced significant outbreaks."

The problem with these endless edicts, warnings, lectures, reverses of Phases is that the public is growing weary, anxious and just plain tired of it.  You can only ask so much of people before they begin to question your logic, science, data, and leadership.

Oregon has had 465 deaths since the 'beginning' of the COVID pandemic, out of a state population of 4.218 million people (according to the last US Census).  The state has 26,900 cases.   That death rate in the overall population is 0.018 percent,  the death rate per confirmed cases is 1.72 percent. 

Oregon has one of the lowest mortality and death rates in the nation from COVID.

Interesting how Oregon and Washington may slightly differ in their terminology and policies, but overall treatment of COVID has been largely the same. Using a flamethrower to kill a fly, at the destruction of the economy and education.

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