Just after 8 a.m. Oregon State Patrol troopers got a report of a driver speeding eastward on the interstate  after alledgedly being involved in a non-injury hit and run near Hood River.  The suspect, 40 year old David Clay Jennings,  led troopers on a high speed chase at speeds near 100 mph before he was finally stopped by spike strips on the road near The Dalles.   Jennings kept driving on the rims of the truck at 70 mph before he finally lost control and skidded into an off-road gravel turnout.

His F-250 truck was surrounded by the OSP SWAT Team, but he refused to get out.  After troopers fired a tear gas round into the truck, Jennings finally surrendured.  He was booked on five different charges.  Fortunately, no one was injured during the four-plus hour chase and standoff.    Sounds like something you would see on one of those police chase TV shows on True TV!