Despite claims that this year's version of the cap and trade, or pollution tax, will be palatable for rural Oregonians, many still view this new version as problematic.

Oregon Democrats, led mostly by West Side urban leaders, are going to seek another cap and trade plan that by 2025 would have Oregon fuel suppliers paying higher fees.

Cap and Trade is basically a pollution tax. Business are given a 'level' they are allowed to 'pollute,' or emit carbon, and if they go over that level, they have to buy credits to continue to operate. These 'credits' will result in higher prices for those who utilize petroleum products.

Rural Oregonians and even some east Oregon Democratic leaders feared it would devastate the state's farming economy. Now this year, supporters of the bill claim the cap and trade won't be applied to rural areas or ag production businesses. But GOP leaders don't buy these assurances. They say the new plan doesn't specifically protect such entities. If the plan passes, the major petroleum suppliers in Oregon would have to meet these carbon criteria by 2025.

This is the reason last year GOP Leaders staged the nationally famous "walkout" in the legislative session, literally leaving the capitol and refusing to participate in the voting process on the cap and trade bill, which eventually died without being passed.

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