For years, environmental groups have tried to sell cap and trade as a way to fight global warming or climate change.

But almost always, it turns out to be a pollution tax. As seen in Europe, little of the money actually goes towards the environment or creating 'green jobs.' Cap and Trade is a scheme whereby industries and business buy pollution credits (ostensiby from the government) and the more credits you have, the more you can 'pollute.' Critics say it's a form of extortion; because in order to avoid going 'bankrupt' from the penalties (Taxes) a business is forced to become as green as they can.

Supporters say it encourages business to be environmentally conscious. You may recall the Obama era Green Stimulus plan that eventually saw well over 100 green companies go bankrupt after billions in government grants and loans (remember Solyndra Solar Panels?)

Now the Cap and Trade bill sought by Gov. Inslee has cleared the Senate Ways and Means Committee by a vote of 13-10 this week. Senator Mark Schoesler (R-Ritzville) says Senate Bill 5126 is nothing more than a $500 million tax on business, industry and jobs. He is one of the most influential GOP Senators, who represents the 9th District (north Franklin, Adams and part of Whitman Counties).

He said:

“The bill is called the Climate Commitment Act, but I’m afraid the only thing it will commit Washingtonians to is handing over more of their hard-earned money for an environmental plan that won’t work.

  This cap-and-tax bill offers several types of exemptions, except for rural communities, middle-class families or individuals, and small businesses. This is a very unfair, inconsiderate and inconsistent bill to people in the 9th District and other rural districts in our state."

Schoesler says during the hearings for the bill in the Ways and Means Committee, one of the people opposing this bill said 2019 studies showed emissions actually went UP in CA after they had passed a similar bill.

It now goes on to the Rules Committee for more consideration, from there it would go to the Senate floor for a vote.

To find out more about this will, and a chance to comment to legislators about it, click on the button below.

  This bill could even affect these newer remote jobs, depending upon impact of pollution tax.


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