Oregon mandate in 'crowded' areas dropped (Townsquare media)
Oregon mandate in 'crowded' areas dropped (Townsquare media)

For some time now, Oregon's actually had a 'crowded' area outdoor mask mandate. But now it's been lifted.


Ok, we're joking on that one. But for a number of months, Oregon's actually had a mask requirement for what the state considered to be "crowded" outdoor events.

That mandate has been lifted, say Oregon officials as of Wednesday Nov. 22nd. Since August, because of what the state claimed was elevated COVID activity, especially related to the Delta variant, people in 'crowded' areas had to wear masks.

Oregon Health Authority (OHA) officials say people can continue to wear them if they wish, but outdoor spaces are no longer covered.

So when the Civil War football game happens between Oregon and Oregon State, for example, people won't be required to wear them.


Claiming masks do offer protection, OHA officials say indoor masks are still required. The OHA, according to their latest information, says 8 in 10 Oregonians have received at least one dose of a COVID vaccine.

According to OHA and other data, Oregon ranks 19th in the nation in vaccination rates.

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