It worked in 2019, and it appears to be working now.

Frustrated and infuriated over repeated Democratic efforts to ram through a cap and trade (carbon tax) bill, Oregon House Republicans have joined their Senate companions in literally walking out of the State Capitol in Salem.

At issue is a controversial cap and trade, actually carbon tax, bill that GOP leaders say would hurt Oregon rural farmers, businesses and smaller communities.

House Democrats, who have a majority, still need GOP members present in both the House and Senate to conduct  business; as in, pass the bill. The GOP leaders and bound and determined not to let that happen.

Democrats claim the bill has been modified with provisions that will protect farmers, small business and rural communities, but Republicans are not buying the idea at all. They claim they will not return to the Capitol until it's formally agreed to put the matter before voters and let them decide.

Oregon is one of a handful of states that require 2/3 membership to pass legislation, and like in 2019, the GOP is using it to their advantage. Last year, the carbon tax bill died because it's sponsor admitted he didn't have enough votes to get it passed.

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