Claiming it will save the state $44 million (annually?) OR Gov. Kate Brown has taken what's called 'unilateral action' and directed the Department of Corrections to being plans to close three minimum security prisons. These closures were part of her budget plan she released in December, but on this portion, she did not wait for legislature.

Brown says the money could be better used for early education and other programs but didn't specify elsewhere.

The three facilities are Mill Creek in Salem, which will close in July, Shutter Creek Correctional in North Bend that will close by next January, and finally Warner Creek Correctional which will close by July 2022.

The total number of inmates in the three prisons is 749, according to Brown and sources, the bulk of whom have four years or less left on their sentences. These are minimum security facilities. 237 workers will lose their jobs by the end of the closures.

According to the AP, Corrections officials are working on a relocation plan for those who will still be incarcerated when the closures begin.

It's worth noting this action was taken by Brown without waiting for a final budget to be adopted by the Legislature.

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