Walla Walla KMart Saved by $4 Billion Buyout?
Despite a plethora of conflicting information, it appears the Walla Walla KMart store has survived the dozens of store cuts made across the country.
Despite hundreds of Sears and KMart stores being shuttered, a $4.4 billion dollar buyout by former CEO Eddie Lampert was formally approved earlier this …
After Much Speculation Bankruptcy Claims Kennewick Sears
Besides a long list of K Mart Stores, Sears Holdings (the parent company of the the two retail franchises) announced Friday 80 more Sears stores will close in March, including the Columbia Center location in Kennewick.
Sears has been fighting off bankruptcy for several years, in October they filed fo…
Health Issues Force Closure of Long Time Pasco Aid Group
A well known long time Pasco volunteer service group is closing at the end of the year, after over 19 years, the founder and operator facing serious health issues.
Project Warm Up has handed out tens of thousands of coats, gloves, hats, scarves and more to needy people in the Tri-Cities over the year…

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