Facebook page logs business closings (amazon.com)
John McKay

The Facebook page is Private, you do have to join, but a business owner recently began a page tracking the number of businesses that have closed due in large part to Gov. Inslee's shutdown proclamations.

It's called "Inslee's List--The Dead Business Log," and the site regularly updates known business closures. It's a Washington state based page.

We looked up some of the Tri-City area businesses, and were able to verify almost all of them have permanently closed. The vast majority of these are smaller, but the list does include larger gyms, and even the Cascade Mall in Burlington, WA.  Although some of it's tenants (Sears, Macy's) had closed earlier, the mall was still fully functioning.

 However, It closed June 30, citing COVID-19 shutdowns that crippled it's tenants and made it unable to continue to stay open.

By our count, there were (as of 8-8-2029) at least 244 businesses on the list, including at least 11 in Tri-Cities and Walla Walla.

To see the page for yourself, and ask to join (it is private) click on the button below.

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