As of Friday 4-10 midnight, if you're from Washington state, you won't be allowed to hunt or fish in Oregon--at least until the COVID Stay Home edicts expire and we return to normal.

Gov. Kate Brown and Oregon Fish and Wildlife Officials say their beaches, rivers and other hunting and recreation areas are growing crowded, flooded with visitors from WA, where such activities are banned or delayed.

Apparently Oregon fishermen and communities on the Oregon coast are in favor of the new restrictions, especially after seeing growing numbers of WA boats in their areas.

A source who is from Oregon told Newstalk870 that a LOT of Washington fishermen are crowding their area. For example near McNary Dam on the Oregon side, they said:

"(they) fish in shifts, so for 24 hours they have the banks full. From the 'deadline' at the dam to at least 300 yards downstream."

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