Sometimes bathroom humor can be hilarious, but NOT at all in this case!

Oregon authorities are still searching for the suspect in Saturday's porta-potty blast that occurred in a park in Aloha, OR.

Police say 40-year-old Kerri Finch of Spokane, was inside the portable toilet at Arnold Park  Saturday afternoon, when some type of homemade explosive device detonated, leaving her with injuries.   Authorities said she required two staples to help close up wounds on the back of her head.  Police didn't say if she was standing or sitting when the device went off, but she was lucky she was not more seriously injured.

The first blast involving Finch occurred around 12:30 pm,  less than an hour later, two more explosions were heard inside two other toilets in the park area.  The park was closed for nearly three hours while police searched and cleared the area, but then two more similar devices blew up inside separate mailboxes at homes near the park area.

Police said they were likely chemical bombs that could be make from chemicals that could be purchased at any grocery store.  A softball tournament was taking place in Arnold Park, the site of the first blasts,  about 200 people were evacuated for safety purposes, and sadly, the rest of the tournament was cancelled for security reasons.

While the blasts were not strong enough to damage the porta-potty structures, they were strong enough to completely cover the inside of the toilets with chemicals and waste.  Authorities did not specify if they were "drano" bombs, which involve filling 2-liter soda bottles with drain cleaner and other chemicals.  These devices are unpredictable, as it takes anywhere from a few minutes to half-an-hour for the chemicals to interact and cause the bottle to violently explode.  A number of people, including children, have suffered wounds and even chemical burns from incidents around the nation involving these "bombs."

Several mailboxes in Kennewick were torn apart last year by such devices.

Witnesses reporting seeing a young, teenage boy leave the same toilet later used by Finch just prior to the blast.