Aftermath of Kennewick has cooking explosion (Kennewick police)
Aftermath of Kennewick has cooking explosion (Kennewick police)

The story has made regional headlines, fortunately, nobody was hurt or killed. A followup to the Kennewick hash cooking explosion that severely damaged garage and wrecked a garage door March 21st, Wednesday. From Kennewick police:

"Based on further investigation it was determined that there was a marijuana grow in the garage of the residence and Schumacher was allegedly using ether to extract marijuana oil. Two cylinders containing marijuana shavings soaked in ether and pyrex dishes would have been in the freezer/refrigerator prior to the explosion. It is believed that the presence of ether in the refrigerator when the compressor started caused the explosion.

The explosion caused extensive damage to the inside of 32 S. Dawes and caused some structural damage to 36 and 28 S. Dawes. During the initial response KFD observed a grenade inside the apartment. The Richland Police Bomb Squad and ATF responded and determined the grenade was inert.
A Kennewick Building Inspector responded to examine the residence and determined the walls of the residence had been pushed out 2-3 inches from the explosion. Unfortunately this displaced the neighbors at 36 and 28 S. Dawes who had to find alternate places to stay.

Schumacher was the only person in the residence at the time. He had a warrant for his arrest and was booked into Benton County Jail. Detectives are continuing the investigation."

---Kennewick police and fire crews responded to the residence after 911 calls made about an explosion in the garage that nearly blew the doors of it's hinges. According to various sources, cooking hash can produce an intensely strong vapor that is many times more potent when inhaled than regular marijuana.

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