The crime has gone unsolved since August 31st, when a woman died along Highway 395 near Hermiston after being hit by a car in the very early morning hours.

Oregon State Police say they are looking for a 1994-2001 red Acura Integra, likely has the passenger side rear-view mirror missing. This is the vehicle believed to have struck and killed 41-year-old Atonia Cobarubius, who was walking along Highway 395 near Milepost 4. She was believed to be pushing a shopping cart and walking North when she was struck from behind and killed. The vehicle could possibly be missing the front bumper as well.  The crash occurred around 2:30AM that day.

The suspect vehicle left behind enough pieces and parts officials have been able to determine that make and model. Now, they've released a surveillance image, hoping someone knows who was driving the vehicle.

The image came from the nearby Rocket Mart, where a a vehicle matching that description was parked before the crash. After extensive investigating, authorities believe that's the car.

Anyone with any information is urged to contact the Oregon State Patrol at (541)-567-3215. All leads can be confidential.

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