In January 2016 the Pasco City Council laid the foundation for what is about to go into service, probably by the end of August.

Body cameras have arrived at the Pasco Police Department, and a recent media release showed the units, some training, and says they will be operational soon.

According to authorities, they have one more level of training, some logistical tweaks to make and some policy changes to finish, and then every on duty patrol officer will wear one.

Many different opinions are viewed on this subject, many citizens now believe the cameras will trigger a flood of public information release requests from criminals trying to claim they were mistreated. Others say it's about time, so we can get a better view of what actually happens on police calls and it will help protect police.

One person asked if K-9 Lemon has one, but according to officers replies, he has a Go-Pro.

Pasco now joins Spokane, Seattle and Bellingham as the only cities so far who have actively pursued this policy and put it into use.

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