With the World Cup looming this summer, like the Olympics, it's every four years, this story has taken on a whole new magnitude.

Breitbart reports the Iranian Women's National Soccer team is getting a LOT of criticism from other nations after learning 8 members of the squad are actually men. That's just over half the team.

But Iran says they are men who are undergoing sex change operations, they just haven't had the 'operation' yet. Opponents are furious that they are basically playing against guys, but the Iranians say the men have been receiving all the other regimens associated with the procedure, including female hormones.

One would think this kind of change is forbidden by Islamic law, but it's actually allowed. In fact, as far back as 1979 Iranian international athletes have come under scrutiny over this. Because Islamic law is so restrictive towards women, it's even harder on female athletes. A religious ruling in 1979 allowed this transitional process to be done for purposes of sport.

There are those in Iran who believe it's better to have men transition to women and compete, than have actual female athletes. Iran's team captain recently could not compete in a match in Maylaysia because her husband would not allow her to travel there.  Wow...!

NO word if the international governing body, FIFA, has or plans to take any action. Gender tests were added to some soccer competition programs after a woman on a team in 2014 was found to actually be a man.


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