Pasco drivers and Police are glad the situation was finally resolved Monday morning.

Around 8:14AM, a shop owner in the 1400 block of West Lewis arrived at his business to open up when he noticed the front door had been broken.

Burglary suspect (PPD)
Burglary suspect (PPD)

The man called 9-1-1 and told them a man was inside, he didn't know who he was. Upon arrival, Police set up a perimeter because 46-year-old  Jesus Olivera Jr. of Pasco refused to follow commands and surrender.


Nearby traffic was detoured and K-9 units arrived. After nearly two hours, Police finally fired in what are called OC canisters (OC is the active ingredient in pepper spray) and Olivera finally gave up. Just in case, Police had a number of other non-lethal tools at their disposal.

Because of the exposure to the spray Olivera was taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation then to the Franklin County jail where he's facing a variety of charges.

Officers didn't say if or what items he attempted to steal, the incident remains under investigation.  The owner will also have to deal with the lingering scent of the pepper spray, but it's not enough to cause any harm to him or customers.

Pepper spray, by the way, is an inflammatory agent, or chemical, that attacks and irritates the membranes of the eyes, mouth, and lungs. In many cases, it causes the eyes to close involuntarily.


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