As crazy as it may sound, a group of Seahawk fans have launched a crazy plan to try to break up Russel Wilson and his girlfriend,  Ciara, blaming their relationship for the team's poor showing during it's 0-2 start. The Hawks are giving up an average of 30.5 points a game, Richard Sherman has been beaten several times including for a touchdown in Green Bay, and after drawing only three penalties in all of 2014, had two in one game. The offensive line has struggled as has the running game. So what's their idea?

According to CBS Local reporter-blogger Bryan Altman, some Hawk fans have been giving Ciara the Jessica Simpson treatment.  Some Dallas fans felt Tony Romo's career took off for the better once he broke up with the actress, these Hawk fans believe the same would happen for Wilson. According to this fan base, musician Future Hendrix's career took off after he split with her, so why not Wilson too?

As Altman points out, Wilson's career is doing pretty well, despite the one-yard pick on the goal line in the Super Bowl last season. But these folks, they're called "The 12's," have started a Go-Fund Me with the hopes of raising $50,000. They want to revive her career, so she won't have any time for Wilson and break up with him!

Before you think this is made up, take a peek at this: 

Now, obviously, NOT ALL Seahawk fans are this crazy or delusional. But stories like this will certainly not help the fan base shed it's image with the rest of the league as being one of the most obnoxious, boorish, and childish in the entire NFL.

Perhaps these fans, at least, are an example of how people can actually take NFL fandom just a BIT too far.  We're pretty sure this won't work.

In fact, we've learned the Go-Fund-Me campaign has been 'removed' from their website.



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