Pasco Police always seem to get the most interesting cases. A man minus his pants lead Pasco Police on a short chase that ended with a quick take down.

The Pasco Police Department relayed the story on their Facebook page and luckily no one was harmed in the altercation even though K-9 Officer Jucon didn't get a piece of the action.

On January 9th, 2019 at around 1:20 AM Pasco Officers received a call of a disturbance involving a male and female, in the parking lot of Columbia Basin College. A white truck was involved and was leaving the location on Argent.

Numerous Pasco Officers arrived like that, (snaps fingers, you should do it too for the full effect, unless you’re wearing the infinity gauntlet…cough Thanos….) and while one was contacting the female others conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle.

While contacting the driver, a male later identified as Dallas Souder (DOB 7/18/1997),Officers observed he was not wearing any pants and only had a shirt and underwear on.

Yet while Officer Busch was speaking to him, Souder decided he didn’t enjoy the company of fine officers and sped off southbound on 20th. He swerved into oncoming lanes of traffic, suddenly slammed on his brakes and took off, channeling the power of Captain Underpants, running up a hill and climbing over chain-link fence.

Fear not though fine citizens as Officer Grosz, fueled by the power of chicken nuggets, was right behind him, leaping over the fence like an Arabian steed and like that (another snap) the chase was over.

Souder was eventually booked into Franklin County Corrections on charges ranging from Felony Eluding, DUI, Driving with license suspended 2nd degree, ignition interlock required, reckless driving, and resisting arrest.

Officer Grosz does owe K-9 Jucon an apology or chicken nuggets, for not giving him a chance to get involved.

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