While nothing is finalized, the Pasco City Council has endorsed the idea of converting the TRAC Center into an indoor aquatic center.

Currently Pasco is considering four different ideas for converting TRAC for other purposes.   The facility has been losing money of late, and officials believe converting it for other uses could increase the cash flow.  The Pasco Public facilities district pitched the idea to the Tri Cities Area Regional Public Facility about a month ago, and so far, the aquatic center seems to have the most momentum.

Some officials are concerned further study is needed before any such idea, and they worry the public will be 'stuck' with excessive costs if such a conversion does not bring in adaquate cash.   Supporters say it would attract tourism, and a number of water related events, including swim meets. Opponents say most profitable aquatic facilities are outdoors-such as waterparks-which is why private investors pursue them.   Most indoor aquatic facilities, say opponents, are publicly owned.

Before any conversion of TRAC takes place,  it would require voter approval.  Other ideas among the four plans include possibly tying in a museum as part of the Hanford Reach Interpretive Center, or a performing arts venue.

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(NOTE: The TRAC Aquatic Proposal was withdrawn, now Pasco and Franklin County are looking at another location off Road 68 for facility).