Pasco Police now say the man arrested late Wednesday night in relation to a felony assault inflicted "significant" injuries on the victim.

Around 11PM police were called to the 900 Block of south 5th after getting a report of an assault. The woman did not sustain any life threatening injuries, but they were still significant to her head, possible facial fractures, and she behaved like she'd sustained a concussion. However she was able to provide a name and description of the suspect.

K-9 Jucon was brought in and sniffed the perimeter, and according to police, behaved in a way telling them "he hasn't left the area yet."   Jucon located the suspect hiding behind a pile of scrap in a nearby hard. Jucon's services were not needed to bring Luis Lopez out of the hiding place, but he fought with officers when they tried to cuff him.

Some of the assault allegations against Lopez include repeatedly slamming the victim's head between a door and the door jamb; he is also said to have had previous martial arts training. It is not yet known if he utilized those methods in the assault as well.

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