Pasco police got a tip from a very unusual lead about a stolen car. The thief apparently bent the license plate in an attempt to avoid detection.

A car reported stolen early Thursday morning was spotted in an alleyway near Lewis and Sycamore streets. The owner had an idea who might have been behind the theft, and police checked 408 South Hugo. The car was found in the yard with the battery removed and the license plate bent at both ends to avoid detection.

Bent license plate on stolen car (Pasco police)
Bent license plate on stolen car (Pasco police)

Then police found the suspect, 26-year-old Giovanni Cruz, of Pasco. He was hiding in a large JoBox style toolbox.

The stolen black Integra was recovered and returned to it's owner. Police say there may be another suspect involved with Cruz, but do not have them in custody...yet.

This picture shows Cruz being cuffed before taken away by police.

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