The attorney representing former Pasco police officer Richard Aguirre is well known in legal circles, not only for his unique style, but also for the clients he's defended in court.

69-year-old John Henry Browne operates a law firm out of Seattle, and has, in some cases, successfully defended some notorious people.

Browne defended Army Sergeant Robert Bales, who was accused of murdering 16 Afghan citizens in 2011. He also defended Martin Pang, who in 1995 set fire to his parents Seattle seafood warehouse, resulting in the deaths of four Seattle firefighters. He then fled to Brazil. Browne was successfully able to argue that extradition treaties stipulated Pang could not be brought back to the U.S. unless he were NOT charged with murder.

Browne was successful in getting him back, and Seattle officials had to settle for manslaughter, avoiding a death penalty.

He also defended perhaps one of the most notorious American serial killers in history, Ted Bundy.

Bundy was eventually linked to at least 36 murders, was convicted for several kidnappings and murders, also having escaped custody at least twice. He was given the death penalty for three of the murders, and was finally put to death in Florida in the electric chair in 1989. He had been convicted of a murder there. He's been the subject of countless books, TV series and even a movie.

Browne defended him in the 1970's after his early crimes began to gain him notoriety.

Aguirre was accused of rape in his West Pasco home, but the jury came back with a mistrial. He is also linked, reportedly by DNA, to the 1986 murder of a Spokane prostitute while he was in the Air Force at Fairchild Air Force Base. Browne has said he has evidence that Aguirre was in Korea at the time of the murder. The two cases, the Pasco rape and the Spokane murder, are not related. Aguirre is pictured below.

Former Pasco officer Aguirre (KNDU-TV)
Former Pasco officer Aguirre (KNDU-TV)



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