It's nowhere near being passed, or even voted on. But in the wake of the Arlene's Flowers State Supreme Court case this week, the Pasco City Council is discussing religious freedom in the workplace.

Councilman Bob Hoffman first brought up the possibility of a resolution stating support for business owners, such as Barronelle Stutzman, for choices they may make about declining services based upon theological beliefs. He suggested the idea months ago, after the Arlene's Flowers case began to make national headlines.

The council talked at their last meeting, and heard from supporters and opponents. The resolution would not be legally binding in present form, but would officially state support for such beliefs to be exercised by business owners.

One supporter, according to KNDU-TV, pointed out that Stutzman, who owns Arlene's, is not only appealing a lower court ruling that she allegedly violated the Consumer Protection Law, but is also facing personal legal issues that could bankrupt and close her floral shop.

The resolution will be carried over and discussed at the next Council meeting. One observer stated we've wandered too far away from the time when a business could display a sign saying 'we reserve the right to reserve service to anyone.'