The entire family is invited to Pasco Fire Station 81 on Oregon Ave this Saturday November 10, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. for the ceremonial placement of their new Engine into service.

Bring the family to help....push?!?

That's right, the entire Tri-City area is invited to come help push the new fire wagons into the station the first time.

Push - Ins used to be a big event in community fire departments, and the Pasco Fire Department is all about bringing that sense of community spirit back.

It was a way of saying thank you for their support and of course showing off the new wagon.

They want to say thank you to the City and the community for their new trucks and decided it was time to revive some old traditions.

They will be “pushing” out the old engine and pushing in the new one.  This should be a great event as they are upgrading from a Class A engine to a Class A engine with a 50’ ladder. It will help them better serve some of the bigger commercial buildings on the east end of town.

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