What started as a shouting match turned deadly in Pasco in October when a suspect fired a gun into the other vehicle.


Back on October 9th late in the evening, at the Metro Mart at Lewis and 10th, two vehicles were getting gas when the occupants began to yell at each other. A car was refilling when this SUV pictured pulled up. A verbal disagreement began, then the suspect allegedly pulled out a gun and fired several shots into the car.

Shooting suspect in store (PPD)


Both vehicles fled the scene, but during the course of the investigation, Pasco detectives learned the suspect and others in the SUV had entered the store prior to the incident. Very good pictures were taken from the video and identified one of the suspects as  20-year-old Eduardo Aguilar of Pasco.  Luckily the victim was taken to a nearby hospital and treated and as of today has recovered.

Shooting suspect vehicle (PPD)
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Police said Aguilar was arrested Wednesday afternoon, Nov. 3rd at a residence in Kennewick. Police purposefully kept a "lid" on the case to allow detectives to better work the case.

Aguilar is reportedly facing charges, but Police did not say what they are. They did not directly say if he was the shooter, the investigation continues.


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