A Pasco man was in Washington D.C. at the rally-march Wednesday, and allowed us to use these photos.

We will call him Paul A, (not his real name) obviously doing what we can to safeguard at least some of his privacy. According to him, the event was so large, it might have been difficult to see where the riot broke out.

His said there was a lot of police presence, but they were just there, patrolling, on bikes, watching.  Paul says  "there was absolutely no sense of urgency or fear," he and the people he was with gradually began to make their way back to where their car was parked, and arrived there around dusk after being at the Capitol area for most of the day. He did make his way to the area where the riot-intrusion took place, but it didn't happen while he was at the location.

We share his images of D.C.

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