Kennewick police have apprehended a would-be car prowler, who was seen trying to elude officers by going vertical, and run from house to house, jumping from roof to roof.

Police got a call shortly before noon Thursday about a man allegedly trying to jiggle car doors and locks, and trying to break into various vehicles in the 1000 block of West Kennewick Ave.

Upon arrival, police spotted the suspect, 33-year-old Cameron Jones, who was standing on a roof with a wig on. Jones refused to comply to commands to give up, jumped off the house onto an antique car parked in the driveway and ran. But his chase through yards didn't pan out, he was quickly overrun by officers.

He's now facing a variety of  malicious mischief,trespassing and resisting arrest charges. And no, he does not get to keep the wig. The photo shows the wig on the roof where he jumped from.

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