As the Pasco Police put it, "11 seconds from death?"  Watch this stunning video of a car involved in a rollover accident that landed exactly where  the officer was standing seconds before.

Thursday afternoon, Officer Raul Cavazos had gotten out of his patrol car at the intersection of Road 68 and Sandifur Parkway to speak to a driver who was confused about four-way flashing signals.

The traffic lights were malfunctioned, and flashing in all directions. Officer Cavazos noticed the woman was just sitting in the turn lane, not moving. After briefly speaking with her and reminding her about who has the right of way in such circumstances, he walked back to his car.

Seconds later, a PT Cruiser crossing the intersection was T-boned by another vehicle, flipped over and landed on it's wheels right where Officer Cavazos was standing!

Although the accident it under investigation, it appears that due to the four-way flashing lights,  the Cruiser driver ran the intersection without stopping. You can see it approaching the area and doesn't appear to stop at the crosswalk.

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