Getting caught up with Pasco PD, a plethora of cases, some of the strange.

Couple fights with Walmart loss prevention officers

On June 4th, Pasco officers responded to Walmart on Road 68 after a  couple of younger females tried to steal merchandise, and ended up fighting with loss prevention officers. One of the females also threatened to shoot the store workers, which upgraded their theft to a felony. The other had previously been banned from the store for theft, so her attempt lands her a burglary charge. None of the store workers were hurt.

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  Man fights in the middle of the street over a gas can

On June 5th officers located a man near the Memorial Park Pool area who was spotted having stolen a gas can from a nearby residence, probably due to high gas prices. However, he decided the can was worth fighting for, and he fought with the officers. One policeman was injured but not seriously. The man ended up being subdued in the middle of the street, and how he can behave subdued in the Franklin County Jail.

 Airport Motel incident lands man in jail for gun threat

A call came in on June 6th to the Airport Motel on North 4th. Ave about a man with a gun threatening to use it on another resident, however, he found himself on the business end of Taser and decided it was not worth it. He's now in jail.

 And finally, suspect tries to run down victim with pickup truck.

On June 7th, officers responded to multiple calls about a person trying to evade being hit by a pickup on Court Street near the Bank of the West location.   According to officers the suspect was trying to hit the person, no information about why this incident happened. The suspect was located and arrested, the victim only suffered scratches from jumping into, then through some bushes to avoid the crazy driver.

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