The Washington State Department of Health's Pharmacy Quality Assurance Commission announced Monday they have suspended the license of a pharmacy tech, following further pending legal action.

    Worker accused of stealing about 1,000 pills

Elizabeth Marie Quintero was working in a Pasco pharmacy (which was not named in the state and DOH papers) when Pasco Police were tipped off she might be taking medications from the business.

The DOH said Quintero said she'd been in an auto accident and was taking hydrocodone and oxycodone pills from the pharmacy due to her injuries. Her work at the pharmacy began in January, 2022, then in November of that year Police told the pharmacy they'd been given an unsubstantiated tip she was taking pills.

After the pharmacy did its own investigation, in December Quintero was seen pouring pills into her sleeve and hiding them. The state says she was taking some of the pills and selling others.

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Her license was suspended by the DOH, she has 20 days to officially respond to the DOH charges, per standard Department procedures. She was fired from the pharmacy sometime after the investigation.


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