The Washington State Department of Health regularly reports on enforcement actions taken against medical personnel and providers, from doctors to nurses, practitioners and more. Each week WSDOH informs news media of any charges or suspensions of medical practitioners, what they are facing, and terms of suspensions.

In this case, a Pasco based physical therapist has had their license formally suspended on allegations from Franklin County Superior Court accusing them of indecent liberties with clients.

LuRon Anderson,45, is facing the following charges: (from WSDOH which led to his suspension)

".. indecent liberties, a class A felony; indecent liberties, a class B felony; and fourth-degree assault, a gross misdemeanor. Anderson allegedly improperly touched the breasts of residents of facilities where he worked and sent one resident text messages of a romantic and sexual nature."

 The Physical Therapy board has suspended Anderson's license related to incidents that occurred between November 2019, and through January 2020 at at least one assisted living center in Pasco. His job was to provide the services to such centers in the area.

NBC right now
NBC right now

Anderson's charges included alleged physical contact, fondling, and digital texting and messaging of a romantic and sexual nature; all conduct unrelated to his job of providing physical therapy.

His license expired in March 2020, but was eligible for what is called late renewal. According to the WSDOH, he has 20 days from the time of the suspension to formally respond to the charges. The date of the WSDOH notification of suspension according to court papers is April 12, 2021.

Officials did not specifically state which facility these incidents occurred at.

Usually formal suspensions or other disciplinary action from the WSDOH comes some time after allegations occur; because it takes time for the courts and legal system to validate or process the situation and reach a conclusion.


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