According to witnesses and passers by, the gun was discharged around 9:30am Monday.

A number of Pasco police units converged on Lee's Tahitian Motel on A street, just south of Lewis Street, mid morning.

Witnesses said they heard anywhere from 1-3 shots, apparently fired inside or very close to one of the units on the south side of the motel.  Police were still investigating the area, concentrating on the unit seen in our pictures.

One witness who works across the street at the Shopping Spot Convenience store said he heard at least one distinct shot,  reports indicate a bullet passed through the wall of the motel and struck one of the homes just south of the area, but that has not been confirmed. The witness said he was inside, and still heard the "pop" across the street. Some reports indicate it may have been a .45 caliber weapon, but that has not been confirmed.

No word of an injuries, some witnesses say a white car was seeing leaving the location shortly afterward, but not sure if connected.

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