According to the text of the bill, this proposed piece of legislation would make it possible for motel-hotel operators and likely others who lease (landlords) to ban pot use on their own property by guests. From the actual text of HB 2199:

"AN ACT Relating to marijuana use in guest rooms of hotels, 2 motels, and inns in violation of the owner or operator's rules; amending RCW 69.50.445; and prescribing penalties."

The bill is remarkably short, only a couple of pages, (compared to some!) but it would clearly give those who operate hotels, motels, inns and other public lodging facilities the right to ban any and all pot use by guests. It would specify penalties for pot use by guests if such use is specifically banned by the facility operator.

According to what we've learned, there apparently isn't any definitive policy or law about pot use in such facilities, especially rooms.  It's rather vague as to whether no smoking laws for tobacco also cover marijuana, this would clear that up.

To see the bill for yourself, click on the button below.

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