Apparently tobacco product users in Oregon enjoy flogging their own pocketbooks.

Even in Umatilla County and a few others in Eastern Oregon, voters approved by a wide margin a new sweeping tax that will nearly TRIPLE the tax on a pack of cigs.

Measure 108 will boost the average cost of taxes on a pack from $1.33, to $3.33, and will also add a whopping 65% tax to e-cigs/vape products, and a new tax on what are called premium cigars.

It passed by a margin of about 66-33, according to the Oregon voting results website.

Umatilla passed it 54-45, while it was narrowly rejected in Baker, Morrow and Douglas Counties, which are other large Eastern Oregon areas. Baker is the county on the 'other' side of Boise, not that far from the Idaho border.

While many acknowledge the dangers of tobacco use, it's surprising that 'conservative' counties voted or only narrowly opposed such a huge increase.

Multnomah County (Portland) approved it just under 76-24 percent.  Portland's new motto must be "thank you sir, may I have another" when it comes to taxes.

 It will go into effect January 1st, 2021. WA smoke shops will likely be preparing for an onslaught of Oregon customers. According to officials most of the money will go towards health related programs and anti-smoking/vaping campaigns.


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