Besides a number of other actions taken in other states, WA has sued e-cig pioneer JUUL for $22 million dollars. Now, here comes another suit.

  Tulalip Indian Tribe files lawsuit in court in Seattle

According to, the 316-page suit was filed in U.S. District Court in Seattle last week.

There were no specific damages listed in the initial reports, however, the suit demands a jury trial, and asks for the maximum amount of damages to be awarded should the jury rule in their favor, as well as covering court costs. reports the suit also says the number of 12th grade youth who are part of the Tulalip tribe who began to utilize vaping products (JUUL) nearly doubled between 2017 and 2018.

As we mentioned in our previous article on the lawsuits, JUUL was known a few years ago for utilizing popular and hip celebrities to promote their products, as well as very sophisticated designs and marketing plans that this and other lawsuits say deceived youth and teens into thinking it was 'cool' to begin vaping.

Besides using what some of the suits call 'kid-friendly flavorings available to vape, they also say the founder of the company behind JUUL, known as JLI, used his expertise as a former design engineer for Apple Inc. to make the products even more appealing to youth. Adam Bowen formerly worked for Apple before founding JUUL.

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JUUL has paid out tens of millions in numerous lawsuits stemming from various states and entities. No word if a court date has been set for the trial the Tribe is seeking.


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