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The Food and Drug Administration Thursday announced that Juul brand e-cigarettes are now officially banned for sale in all US markets.

 Juul was already in the crosshairs over marketing

According to Fox News and other sources, Juul had run afoul of the FDA from allegations they were targeting and marketing these tobacco substitute products to underage teens.

Fox News cites studies saying Juul was the #4 most preferred brand by teenagers. The FDA banned the sale of fruit-flavored and other similar liquids to be used in e-cigs after health problems were reported.

The company also came under fire a couple of years ago for its alleged use of popular celebrities, social media influencers, and other such persons to help push their products.  The FDA and other critics said these tactics, as well as other marketing, caused a sharp rise in teen and underage use.

 Company revised strategies

The company dropped the use of these methods, and cut back significantly on the types of flavors available to consumers, but apparently, this was not enough.  While the FDA said they were pulling them off the market, there was not any specific language as to how this would affect online sales.

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Fox News says this is part of an effort by the FDA to lower tobacco levels in e-cigs, tobacco firms are prepared to challenge that if the Feds attempt to remove all levels of nicotine from e-cigs.

NOTE: the company can appeal the ruling, or can resubmit its product specifications for another safety review by the FDA. But for now, they're off the market.

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