Friday, Walmart announced once it's supplies of e-cig and all other vaping products are sold, they will not replace them. reports the world's largest retailer is unsure what will happen in the wake of President Trump considering (or announcing he wants) a ban on  the flavors used in electronic cigarettes.

Much of the concern has stemmed from multi-state 'breakouts' of what's being called severe lung disease. Centers for Disease Control has NOT said vaping is the cause, but all of the known reported cases have vaping in common, and virtually all include some sort of flavorings used--even marijuana.

So, corporate officials say they will stop selling any and all e-cig related items.

Walmart quit selling flavors for e-cigs in May, now when all the electronic cigarette products are sold, the shelves will be empty.  A call to local stores referred us back to their original release of information.  The products will still be available until supplies are gone.

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