Pasco Police say the red liquid was not damaging or lethal, but the tenant ended up meeting K-9 Elan in a not so friendly way.

Tuesday early evening, officers were called to the mobile home park located at 1st. and Court Streets, after the landlord reported a tenant had sprayed him with an aerosol can.  The park landlord said he'd gone to the tenant's trailer to remind him about the need to mow and water his grass. The man responded by jerking open the door, spraying the can at and on the landlord, then slamming it shut. So the landlord called police.

Upon arrival, the suspect, when confronted by Police, opened the door again briefly and threw a red liquid on two of the officers. So, here comes K-9 Elan, who was set loose after repeated warnings given to the man.  Elan cornered the suspect in a back bedroom and "arrested" him with a "firm grip" (bite) to the arm.

The suspect, identified as 23-year-old Alexis Sanchez-Medina, is facing a variety of charges. He was given medical treatment at the scene for the "treatment" given to him by K-9 Elan before being taken to jail.

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