It caused quite a stir Monday afternoon, when the Pasco Police Department closed down the area of 3rd and Columbia Streets, and then in came the Benton County SWAT team.

According to Pasco officials and KNDU-TV, our news partner, the SWAT team and other presence was done as a precaution.  Little news is available about the event, but apparently the building has recently had a history of break-ins, including people taking up residence and possibly causing problems.

Pasco police didn't call it abandoned, but made it sound like the building is not occupied by any current business.

3rd and Columbia Pasco (Google Street View)
3rd and Columbia Pasco (Google Street View)

Benton County officials not have yet said why they needed to search the building, more information expected soon.

Several searches were unable to determine the last known tenant of the building.

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