Tuesday morning, Pasco Schools released the following statement about the March 14th Walk Out marches that will take place at a number of schools across the country. From Public Affairs Director Shane Edinger:

"Pasco School District would like to share the following information regarding the possibility of student walk-out protests on March 14, 2018:
  • Pasco schools are not sponsoring any walkout events. We have received information concerning possible informal student activity. It is unknown at this time whether any students will participate. 
  • Pasco school administrators continue to be in close contact with students and will continue to monitor social media for updates.
  • If any student chooses to leave class to participate in a protest, the district will treat the absence or tardy as unexcused unless a parent/guardian follows the process to excuse a student absence.
  • Peaceful, non-disruptive protest by students is protected by state and federal law. The district will take appropriate action to ensure order, as well as student and staff safety as needed."