Pasco PD is thanking Walgreens for having such good surveillance cameras.

 Female theft suspect located, arrested

 Pasco PD reported this woman is in custody following an alleged theft from Walgreen. They did not specify if it was the one in mid-town or by Road 68.

Nevertheless, this woman allegedly made off with merchandise on Tuesday, November 29th then left in this rather conspicuous camper-TV.  According to police, it didn't have license plates, or if it did, they were not displayed where they could be seen.

The suspect left before police got there during the initial theft, but thanks to these excellent images, the vehicle and suspect were quickly located.

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Pasco PD now says she is likely enjoying the fabulous accommodations at the Franklin County jail. The suspect was located and captured less than 12 hours after the theft occurred.

It's likely this conspicuous vehicle helped them locate her. The suspect's ID was not released.

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