Finally, two suspects are behind bars, and facing felony charges, for running a shoplifting ring in at the Pasco Walmart.

Wednesday shortly after 7pm, Pasco police got a call about a trio of suspects seen leaving the store in a red van. LPO (loss prevention officers) at Walmart said the three had been tracked numerous times in the store, sometimes together, sometimes solo.

At least seven times they were suspected of having stolen items from the store, then were returning them for cash or credit. Luckily, a Richland Police officer was in the area, and was able to respond and pull over the van.

Upon investigation the Walmart LPO officials said the pair had pulled off this stunt at least seven times since April 14th, with the dollar amount exceeding $1.200.

But the pair are now facing what police call Felony Layaway, or technically Organized Retail Theft. State law says if you've been stealing from the same store for an ongoing period and the value of the goods exceeds $750, then the charges become a felony.

Javier Chavez Junior III, 30, and 29-year-old Dayana Bustos Ruelas are facing multiple felony counts and are now in the Franklin County Jail.  Police are still looking for the third suspect.


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