A Pasco woman was arrested in the Zip's drive-thru after brandishing a gun at a local auto shop.

In a strange incident reported on by the Tri-City Herald, a Pasco woman was arrested without incident yesterday at the Zip's drive-thru near the Cable Bridge.

I'm all for a belly-buster and make it snappy but the arrest didn't have anything to do with Zip's after Kennewick Police arrested Kristen A. Kennedy, a Pasco woman.

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Kennedy had earlier pulled a gun at an Auto Shop on the 200 block of Date Street. The report states that Kennedy had thought that she knew a relative's car at the mechanic's and when the shop denied it, she started arguing and then returned later with a gun.

She then took off and the auto shop called the police. Kennewick Police caught up with Kennedy as she headed into the Zip's drive-thru to grab some grub and was quickly taken into custody.

Kennedy was booked into the Benton County jail for suspicion of felony harassment and you can read more details on the story here.

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