Seattle police are very interested in meeting the person who owns a drone that blasted through a large glass window of a home in Seattle's Capitol Hill District late last week. They're still looking. This is the model of the drone that hit the house.

Around 7am last Thursday, the Regan family was making breakfast when Charles Regan heard what sounded like a glass shattering boom. He initially thought a lamp had fallen int he living room. His wife, Wen Jun Chen, said "I heard a boom! Like Glass!"

Regan walked outside and found the disabled, wrecked drone lying on the ground outside their dining room window. The force of the impact was hard enough to send shards of glass throughout the room!

The drone was a DJ Phantom Quad Copter, a popular model that has been selling very well on the market. This is just the latest in a series of drone-related accidents in Seattle. In November 2014, a video was released showing a drone hovering above the Space Needle, and last summer, an attorney succeeded in having charges filed against the operator of a drone whose aircraft careened out of control and struck a woman walking in the Pride Parade downtown. Fortunately she was not seriously injured, but did suffer numerous bruises and cuts.

Regan is considering suing the company that makes the Phantom Quad Copter, as a deterrent from this happening again.

Drones ARE required to be registered with the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) IF they weigh more than .55 lbs, and less than 55lbs. The model in question can attain speeds of up to 20-22 mph, making it potentially lethal if it comes in contact with a person or window.



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