Authorities continue to investigate the death of a Pendleton man, who was struck by a freight train in Pendleton very early New Year's Day.

According to,  around 1:41am, 24-year-old Angel Murillo was found lying on tracks by a freight train crew near the 1100 block of SW Frazier.

The crew put the 136 car train into what's called emergency stop mode after seeing a dark object that appeared to possibly be a person lying between the rails. But due to darkeness, lack lighting in the area and size and speed of the train, it was not able to stop before striking him.

He was pronounced dead at the scene. Authorities say nearby crossings were working properly, but Murillo was at or near one. Police say three times since May of last year Murillo was found to be 'unresponsive' or passed out due to alcohol in public areas, it is not yet known if that is the case here. Authorities say Murillo was wearing all dark clothing, which made spotting him on the tracks more difficult.


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