It's being delicately called a 'gentlemen's club' in many news stories, but we all know it's a strip club. And now, a group of protestors are circulating a petition hoping to have it go away.  The City Stars Gentlemen's club is reportedly due to open sometime in December.

The protestors have gathered about 300 signatures against the former Lucky Bridge Casino being refurbished as a strip club that would also be serving alcohol.

According to KNDU TV, Richland resident Brittany Phillips is the one who started the petition. It is not known of the protest group as a specific name, but those who have signed it say the club would be a 'hot spot' for crime and possible negative activity-especially towards women.  She believes the clientele' would include pedophiles and would-be sexual predators.

Others against the idea point to the supposed clientele' these clubs attract, saying it will create situations which will require a lot of police visits.

Supporters claim the positive language and attitude expressed in ads seeking dancers shows the owners want to make it a safe and secure gentlemen's club, devoid of the issues that often plague these kinds of establishments.

Other critics are leery of the liquor license the business is seeking, saying mixing strippers and alcohol is not a good idea.

According to city officials, as long as all the proper permits are done, and the business license is approved, there's nothing that can be done to prevent the club from opening. It just cannot be within 500 feet of church, school or park. City officials say the petition cannot legally stop it from opening.


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