In the wake of the fatal shooting of a domestic violence suspect by Wapato police in July, now several hundred citizens are demanding the resignation of the mayor, because of social media comments he made at the time.

According to multiple sources, including, Mayor Tony Guzman made a social media post on Facebook shortly after the fatal shooting July 31st.

Suspect Mario Martinez was fatally shot by officers after he assaulted them as they attempted to arrest him on a domestic violence charge. Officer Michael Compos and Seargant Larry Ehrhardt  responded to a home where Martinez was, and had barricaded himself in a bathroom, refusing to come out.

After entering, according to police and investigative reports, Martinez used one of the officer's tazers on him, continued to struggle, and pushed one of them officers into a bathtub and tried to grab his gun. Officer Compos drew the gun and shot Martinez, killing him.

Mayor Guzman made the following post on his personal Facebook page three days after the fatal shooting:

Tony Guman- "Campos had no idea that his brother Rogelio was Mario's brother, until Rogelio conhtronted him! What a f***ing piece of s***! I hope that they prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law!!He deserves to die in prison!!! To MURDER someone in such a calus manor deserves to be in prison!!! If not executed for murdering hin in front of his family!!! SHAME ON YOU!!! e It's people like you!!! That give Latinos a bad name. you are a disgrace to the Wapato PD. If you have an once of dignity, never show your face in Wapato, and take the chief with you!!!" (some words have been 'condensed' due to their nature)

Now, an online petition at has been started, and as of this writing, it had 201 online signatures.  The petition says only 299 more required to get to 500.  Now that the two officers have been cleared in the shooting, and it was ruled as justified by the Yakima County Prosecutor, both officers are getting ready to be cleared to return to duty. Apparently, according to and other sources, Mayor Guzman is not happy about it.

According to reports he doesn't regret the post, but does say he could have used better language. Reportedly, Guzman said of Officer Compos (on Facebook):  "It's people like you who give Latinos a bad name,"..and..."If you have an ounce of dignity never show your face in Wapato."

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